Indiaone Refund Rules

For Confirmed Bookings, the tickets are refundable upon cancellations along with all the Taxes / Fees / Levies subject to IndiaOne Air’s change or cancellations rules and fees.

However, the Passenger is always entitled to a refund of the Government and Airport Fees such as PSF, UDF etc. if charged from the Passenger.

Changes / Cancellations to Booking will be allowed and must be made at least four (4) hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the said Booking.

This cancellation fee will be deducted from the total amount of fare (Base Fare and Fuel Surcharge) and the balance is refundable (Excluding Convenience Fee and any Special Service Request like Prepaid Baggage, Seat Selection and Special Meals) to the Passengers (in case of cancellation) or it will be applied to the Passenger’s changed booking (in case of change).

Time Frame Airline Fee
0 hours to 4 hours Non Refundable
4 hours to 3 days INR 1000 or Airfare charges (Whichever is lower).
3 days to 365 days INR 500 or Airfare charges (Whichever is lower).

IndiaOne Air does not allow name change to a booking already made. In case of any spelling mistakes, after due verification with a valid ID Proof, IndiaOne reserves the right to make changes as required and as per its policies.