Vistara Baggage Rules


Your flight can be smooth and hassle-free if the right baggage protocol is followed. Here is everything you need to know about flying with baggage on Vistara.

Before we look into the details, we recommend you keep in mind the following tips:

  • Make note of the check-in allowance. Items over your allowance will be charged as excess baggage.
  • Make note of the cabin baggage allowance and dimensions.
  • Note the items restricted in cabin baggage.
  • Label your bags with your name and address.
  • Make sure medication, important documents, valuable items and cash are in cabin baggage.
  • Declare any arms or explosive substances you are carrying.
  • Battery cells in any electrical/electronic items are now permissible but loose battery cells/dry cells are not. Laptops, mobile phones, and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) with irremovable batteries are not allowed in the check-in baggage.

Check-in Baggage

Baggage that exceeds the size and specifications of hand baggage, will need to be checked-in. The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32kg across all cabin classes.

Cabin Class
Economy Class 15kg, 1 pc 15kg 20kg
Premium Economy 20kg 25kg 30kg
Business Class 30kg 35kg 40kg

Hand Baggage

Hand baggage allowance for travel within and outside India

Cabin Class
Economy Class
Premium Economy
Business Class

Hand Baggage Allowance (in kg 1 piece only)




Dimensions: 55cm (22 inches) x 40cm (16 inches) x 20cm (8 inches)
When travelling from Bangkok, please refer to these dimensions: 56cm (22 inches) x 45cm (18inches) x 25cm (10 inches)
Children are entitled to the same cabin baggage allowance as adults.
Carrycots or fully collapsible pushchair/strollers must be checked-in.

In addition to one piece of hand baggage, you may be permitted to carry the following personal items:

  • Ladies handbag
  • Overcoat or wrap
  • Camera or binoculars
  • Reading material for the flight
  • Infant's feeding aids for consumption during the flight
  • Walking stick
  • Umbrella (folding type)
  • Medicines required during flight like asthma inhaler

Hand baggage cannot be accepted if it:
Is unsuitable for air carriage due to its weight, size or nature
Cannot fit under the seat or be stowed in the overhead compartment
Is unsuitably packed

Occasionally we may not have space to stow all hand baggage safely and as a result you may be requested to check-in some or all of your hand baggage at the boarding gate.

Complimentary Carry-On Plus service allows all CV Gold and Platinum members to carry a total of 12 kg as Hand Baggage, irrespective of the cabin/fare booked, for travel within India.