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Vistara Refund Rules

1. In case of flight cancellation, TSAL shall endeavour to inform Customers at least 2 weeks before scheduled departure and arrange alternate flight/refund as acceptable to the Customer.

2. TSAL shall try to offer alternate flight departing within 2 hours of booked scheduled departure, in case information about cancellation is provided to the Customer less than two weeks before and upto 24 hours of booked scheduled departure.

3. Points 1 and 2 above are applicable, provided Customer's relevant contact information is available e.g. working telephone numbers (Landline or mobile) or E-mail ID has been provided in the Booking. (Trade Partner’s contact details are not deemed to be sufficient contact details.)

4. It shall refund the Ticket amount and provide compensation as follows:

Flight Block TimeCompensation Amount (INR), whichever is less
Upto and including 1 hour5,000/- or booked one-way base fare*
>1 hour and upto and including 2 hours7,500/- or booked one-way base fare*
>2 hours10,000/- or booked one-way base fare*

TSAL’s refund policy is in compliance with CAR, Section 3 – Air Transport Series ‘M’, Part II, Issue I, dated 22nd May 2008 (revision effective 1st August 2016)

1. Refunds for tickets purchased through the Website, Customer Service Centre and Airport Ticketing Offices through Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets and other electronic means will be processed within 07 days from the day of cancellation by TSAL to the payer’s account.

2. TSAL shall endeavour that the refund of any Ticket issued by a Trade Partner is processed within 30 working days. In the event of any delay in receipt of payment beyond 10 working days by the Trade Partner, Customer should promptly inform TSAL of the same.

3. If ticket has been issued by the Airport Ticketing offices through cash transaction, the refund will be processed at any of the Airport Ticketing Offices only.

4. TSAL will refund the TFC collected from Customers on non-utilization/no-show and cancellation of tickets.

5. TSAL does not offer refund of any Ticket which has exceeded maximum validity of one year from the date of issue.

6. TSAL shall be entitled to make refund:

           a.   In case of Tickets purchased through cash, either to the person named in the Booking, or to the                 person who has paid for the Booking and
           b.   In case of Tickets purchased through a mode other than cash, to the person who has paid for the                  Ticket,
           c.   In both the cases, upon presentation of satisfactory proof by such person holding himself out as a                  person to whom refund may be made, shall be deemed a proper refund, and shall discharge TSAL                  from liability and any further claim for refund from any person.

7. All refunds will be made in INR, after deducting any applicable fee and/or charges.