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TruJet Baggage Rules

1. Trujet allows each passenger to check-in up to 15 kg of luggage which shall not exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H). Infants are not entitled to any free baggage allowance.

2. Excess baggage will be charged at a fee of Rs 300 per kg, to be paid at the check-in counter. Trujet may accept excess baggage only if space permits. Trujet may refuse to carry any luggage that does not comply with its policies. Pre-book excess baggage:

Pre-book excess baggage:

Ancillary DescriptionAmount
Excess Baggage 05 KgRs. 1375
Excess Baggage 10 KgRs. 2500
Excess Baggage 15 KgRs. 3750
Excess Baggage 20 KgRs. 5000

Pre-book excess baggage is non-transferable in case of partial PNR cancellation. If passenger is no-show or cancels his/her travel the pre-booked excess baggage will also be cancelled and full refund will be processed to the particular passenger only who had opted for pre-book excess baggage. Re-booking is allowed with already pre-booked excess baggage. Pre-book excess baggage can be booked online through www.trujet.com at time of booking only. Passenger with pre-booked excess baggage will not be able to opt for web check-in.

3. The Passenger may carry a maximum of one piece of cabin baggage, as defined by BCAS guidelines, with an additional restriction of maximum weight of one piece of 7 kg, not to exceed 50cm + 45cm + 20cm (Total 115 cm).

4. For passengers connecting from/to an international flight (of any other carrier) within 24 hours of their Trujet flight, on production of itinerary and/or boarding pass of their international flight, will be allowed economy baggage allowance of their international flight or 20 Kg whichever is lower. Infants will not get any additional allowance.