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Jet Airways Baggage Rules

Free Baggage Allowance depends on a variety of factors such as guest type (Adult / Child / Infant), class of booking, point of sale (country where ticket is purchased), point of origin (place of commencement of journey), booking period, routing and more. Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) displayed on the ticket/ booking will be considered as the FBA applicable for your journey. Guests are requested to kindly refer to their e-ticket / booking, to confirm the applicable free baggage allowance.

Please note that additional baggage allowance is not displayed on your ticket.

For our JetPrivilege Platinum / Gold / Silver members who are also co-brand credit card members, only the higher of the two allowances will apply.

For example: If a JetPrivilege Platinum member is also a co-brand credit card holder, the guest will be entitled to only 20 kgs of additional baggage allowance and not 30kgs, when travelling in Première within the Indian Subcontinent.

In case separate tickets are issued for routes within India with international connections, the baggage allowance shown on the domestic ticket will apply to routes within India on Jet Airways flights.

For journeys between India and international destinations, where international flights have connections with Jet Airways flights operating within India, additional excess baggage rate of USD 6 per kg will apply. (Exception: This additional excess baggage rate of USD 6 per kg is not applicable on flights departing from Gulf / Middle East with connections on domestic India flights.)

All guests carrying check-in baggage or items exceeding the specified dimensions of 158 cms will be charged a fee of INR 1000 (service tax as applicable) at the airport counter. This fee will be charged in addition to the existing excess baggage fee wherever applicable. This fee is applicable to all guests travelling within India.

In our endeavor to ensure an enhanced travel experience, on-time departure and safety of our guests, we request all our guests to carry only 1 cabin baggage weighing a maximum of 7 kgs. JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold members and Première guests will be entitled to 1 cabin baggage weighing a maximum of 10kgs + 1 laptop bag on flights operated by Jet Airways.

Cabin baggage allowance may vary depending on the type of aircraft, class of travel (First Class, Première or Economy), domestic or international flights, route and JetPrivilege Tier status.

Flights within India

Aircraft TypeNumber of pieces allowedDimensions of Cabin BaggageMaximum Weight
Boeing10.55 metre X 0.35 metre X 0.25 metre*
(21.7 inches X 13.7 inches X 10 inches
55 cms X 35 cms X 25 cms)
7 kgs
ATR10.50 metre X 0.45 metre X 0.20 metre*
(19.5 inches X 17.6 inches X 8 inches
50 cms X 45 cms X 20 cms)
7 kgs

* not exceeding 1.15 linear metres (45.3 linear inches /115 linear cms)