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Pune Airport - Pune International Airport (PNQ)

Pune Airport code is PNQ. Pune Airport name is Pune International Airport. Pune International Airport is located approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) north-east of Pune in the state of Maharashtra, India. The airport is a civil enclave operated by the Airports Authority of India at the eastern side of Lohegaon Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force. The airport hosts domestic as well as international air traffic and has a capacity of handling about 1.12 million passengers annually.

Pune Airport contact number : 020-26683232

Pune Airport Address : New Airport Rd, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032

Pune Airport Terminal

The Pune Airport houses a single integrated terminal for handling its entire air traffic. Known as Terminal 1, it handles the arrivals and departures of domestic as well as international flights. It is equipped with two aerobridges and about 26 check-in counters for the convenience of passengers. The terminal building boasts of a passenger capacity of 450 arrivals and the same number of departures at any given time.

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Shops Pune Airport

There are many shops and restaurants available on Pune Airport.

Shopping Pune Airport

  • AVA Merchandising

    Landmark : Arrival

  • X-one Music Shop

    Landmark : Security Hold No. 1/ Departure

  • Karls Burg

    Landmark : Security Hold No. 1/ Departure

  • Pavers England

    Landmark : Security Hold No. 1/ Departure

Eat & Dine Pune Airport

  • RBA Juice Bar

    Landmark : Security Hold Area-I

  • American Sweet Corn/Pop Corn

    Landmark : Security Hold Area-I/II

  • Mic Mac

    Landmark : Security Hold Area-I

  • Chicago Crust

    Landmark : Departure CheckK-IN/SHA-I/II

  • Poona Bakery


  • Port Lounge


  • Sugardough

    Landmark : Cityside / Common Area

Arrival / Departure Pune Airport