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Parking Charges Raipur Airport | Swami Vivekananda Airport

Parking is available at City-side Area (Parking Charge for initial 2 hrs. (in Rs.)

Vehicle TypeCapacityCharges Description - English
Vehicle Type; Parking Charge for initial 2 hrs. (in Rs.)
Two Wheelar15
Tempo/SUV/ Mini Bus1060


1. Maximum 08 minutes free parking period for pick & drop of passenger shall be allowed from entry to exit point.

2. The rates will be applicable for 2 hours. After two hours, rates will increase by Rs.10/- per hours. For two wheeler, the charges after 2 hours will be Rs.5/- per hour. The parking rate beyond 7 hours up to 24 hours will be 300% of first two hour’s rate and every 24 hours or part thereof.